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For those who truly want it and have done the necessary preliminary research, I offer VoIP counselling sessions to guide and support you along your journey. Pricing is somewhat "high" but that's what I feel is appropriate because I want only a select few clients who are really serious about their progress and using my services: this is for focussed discussions to maximise value for the both of us. No rambling and if I should fail to give you adequate clarity, barring those things that will forever remain indeterminate, then you pay nothing.


You must do your own "studying" and contemplation/meditation: there's just no substitute for this. My sessions should be used only to clarify confusing bits or answer very specific questions and not as some kind of course in spirituality. As a general rule, unless you got tons of cash to spare and to little time, you should be working more on your own than seeking my advice.


Always remember that my guidance is not essential per se because nothing guides you better than your own True Self (: of which I am an aspect :).