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Please read the entire product description (: below :), the info to the right and the F.A.Q. section before contacting me or ordering.


Rituals and spells are among the most powerful tools we can use to aid us in acheiving our material goals. To run-of-the-mill common sense this seems ludicrous but the "wise" are fully aware of the phenomenal leverage they can offer. Ritual work can greatly expedite the journey towards manifesting your desires.


Allow 987 Ritual to perform love spells and other custom magic spells on your behalf while you go about life, more or less, as usual and allow the so-called "manifestation" of your objectives to emerge in the flow of your life.


I draw on a variety of sources for ritual symbolism when working love spells or any other kind of magic spells. Black Magic, White Magic, Grey Magic...they're all the same to me but I avoid negative intent, i.e. I focus on a positive intent as evidenced by the emotion involved.


Please read the F.A.Q. section and the "Info Section" that's beside this listing--they are very important.


Some of the ritual systems I employ in my eclectic work are:

  • Catholic / Christian: a blend of traditional religious repertoire like Saints, Novenas, Psalms, Sigils & Seals and, in some cases, elements of Voodoo/Hoodoo.
  • Nordic: Rune Magic mostly...some Galdrastafir at times.
  • Renaissance symbolism: I mostly use the Arbatel, The Keys / Pentacles of Solomon and, if requested, the Arse Goetia. Yes, in the final analysis, existence is an absolute and utterly irrational arse; neglecting the magical nature of life is being less than half-arsed--at best--about the whole thing.
  • The Necronomicon Spellbook based on the Sumerian mythos and the Epic of Gilgamesh.
  • The Black Pullet, a Franco-Turkish hybrid but something that still feels a lot like the Renaissance pieces. Whatever works, I say!
  • Generic chaos/sigil magick.


As a rule, all of my love spells and other rituals are the so-called "Triple Cast"; meaning that I cast them 3 times on different, usually consecutive, days.


Always remember: none of this is actually necessary. YOU ARE THE POWER AND MAGIC IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. However, it might require a willingness to detach a bit and spend time in meditation, or some form of introspection, to realise this; until then people like me can be useful.



NOTE: There is a digital file associated with this listing to fulfil certain design requirements on this Wix site. You might be shown a download link to this dummy file but your actual reading or ritual sigil image will be sent via e-mail. Your sigil/seal may very well appear sloppy to you but that is deliberate.


  • 1. All my rituals employ positive intent as evidenced by a generally positive emotion. So, as a general rule, I avoid work that requires cocking up someone's life. If you insist on vengeance, please remember that, success is the best revenge.

    However there is one general exception to this rule that I will employ at my discretion: I will undertake "break-up" rituals of all kinds, i.e. all long-term and sticky stuff and especially those of a socially "contractual" nature, but only with positive intent. A positive "break-up" is when people cancel illusory commitments to their benefit.


    2. I emphasise well-being and abundance instead of specific jobs, people or, dare I say it, even money. Of course, I will use your desired objective but only within the context of your overall well-being, i.e. I avoid forcing a specific outcome because there are several experiences that could be better than what you specify. Ultimately, you want overall well-being and it is rather tragic to acquire something deliberately only to regret it. In particular, I



    3. I insist on a 6-month waiting period if I am a second opinion. If you've asked another ritual worker to handle your case, then please wait at least 6 months before asking me to work on it as well. It has nothing to do with "spell clash"--rituals cannot clash only outcome/objective definitions can clash--but everything to do with you learning how to go with the flow, detach from the unpleasant situation and enjoy other aspects of your life without worrying and obsessing about the spell working or not.

    4. Clients in certain countries like India must make sure their banks/cards allow international online shopping in USD. In some cases, if you need help, I can temporarily switch the store currency to the INR equivalent. You can also send payment directly to my PayPal account "987ritual@gmail.com".