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NOTE: I am no longer offering readings as a standalone service but they are always included in the ritual order. I have retained the store listing just for the information in the Product Description/Instructions.


A tarot or rune reading, like the circumstances of your life, is a reflection of your state of mind on a topic. It is a vibrational snapshot that reveals the essence of your consciousness on your chosen foci for the reading. Tarot and rune readings are useful when you are more confused than usual and, in particular, when you think something deeper than what is immediately obvious is at work.


The general structure of my tarot reading is as follows:

  1. A maximum of 10 questions. I strongly prefer the question-based approach because it helps me feel more connected to the reading.
  2. Non-traditional tarot decks are my default choice. The exact deck will depend on my intuition towards you and the topic/questions presented to me.
  3. Spreads can vary, i.e. I usually do a card per question but may use a spread like the Celtic Cross, Tetraktys etc. if I feel drawn to it or if requested to do so.
  4. Astrological systems will be used only on request. I tend to avoid using systems exactly, although I do draw inspiration from various sources, because they can be as limiting as they are useful in terms of providing a structure to focus energy.


Always remember: none of this is actually necessary. YOU ARE THE POWER AND MAGIC IN YOUR EXPERIENCE. However, until you fully realise this people like me, who are but aspects of your True Self, will be of use.


NOTE: There is a digital file associated with this listing to fulfil certain design requirements on this Wix site. You might be shown a download link to this dummy file but your actual reading will be sent via e-mail.

987 Tarot and Rune Readings

  • Please read through the entire product description and, ideally, the F.A.Q. section of this website before ordering anything. If in doubt, just drop me a line via e-mail and I'll respond within 48 hours. All ritual or counselling orders include tarot readings, so don't request a separate reading if you've ordered rituals or counselling sessions.