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This service focusses on building career-based wealth and overall well-being. It is meant only for those whose line of work requires a CV or Resume of some sort, i.e. not entrepreneurs in most cases.


What's special about this service:


1. Usual "Triple Cast" ritual work done at the start, middle and end of the process.

2. CV/Resume and Cover Letter written for you. This includes up to 12 hours of VoIP discussions along the way to help you clarify your position and goals, guide you spiritually and encourage you overall.


As always, remember YOU ARE THE MAGIC and none of this is truly necessary except that you think it is. However, until you acquire the requisite self-knowledge and confidence in applying it on your own, services like this are useful.



$987.00 Regular Price
$493.50Sale Price
  • 1. Those who seek employment in some form, i.e. not entrepreneurs who run their own impersonal businesses where CV's and Resumes aren't really necessary.

    2. Those who would like a CV/Resume and Cover Letter written for them. If you just want more career advancement or wealth, choose from the other ritual-only services on this site.

    3. Those who can truly afford this fee. I know this can be expensive for some (: that's deliberate because I'm not striving for volumes :) and you shouldn't purchase if it puts you under pressure.