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US 2020: Super Tuesday and beyond

Harrumph! Time for a review of my past readings (: yeah a few changes :) and what's next.

As always, readings are snapshots of consciousness at that moment and can change with consciousness in the next moment. However, they must be taken seriously because the patterns are strong enough to make the reading. They may concur with available data and rational approaches but they need not. Hidden patterns behind the data can suddenly shift everything creating new data.


What are the big changes from my previous readings?

1. Pete Buttigieg's withdrawal. My original impressions were that he'd stay on further--just short of the final choice, like down to the final 3. Still, he's withdrawn and I didn't really feel that one. Okay, no problem. He did look capable and strong in terms of being able to contest Bernie nearly all the way like I originally felt but he's signed out. It does feel like skullduggery within the Dems and although they feel inclined to do it, it is in their very best interests to not repeat what they did in 2016 to Bernie.

2. Joe Biden's Super Tuesday and recent March 10 performance: probably part of the shift in trajectory with Pete's dropping out. It's better than I felt it would be and I know everyone says he's the nominee "for sure" but I am not feeling that too strongly. I never felt Biden too strongly and still don't.

3. Warren. I liked her policies, the idea of female president etc. and I felt some strength at first but that faded away fast and never came back: long before there was evidence of it.

I am still sticking to my original readings because that's the vibe I'm picking up, on despite all evidence/math that may suggest something contrary, i.e. Bernie (+Yang--still don't know why) and, Bernie with a slight edge over Trump. I don't feel landslides for anyone right now. Feel some more skullduggery in the DemP is in the works and will reveal itself. Damn I'd like more precision in my readings!!! As always, let's see how the illusion--that's all it will ever be--unfolds.