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Trump Cards: A 2020 Presidential Election Tarot Reading

Okay, okay...it's just a catchy title that fit.

1. How does Trump feel about his candidacy?

BLACKBIRD: He's significantly self-assured. He knows the power of the mind and can, in most cases, use it to his advantage. He generally accentuates the positive and is quite comfortable playing the poles, i.e. going from one extreme to another, if required: this gives him a relatively captivating--love or hate--charisma. He sees reality as limitless, dislikes rules and accepts only the bare minimum structure. He knows no real boundaries other than those in his mind. I guess he is also fully aware of the power of attention for an election: his ability to get strong focus from those who love and those who hate gives him a definite edge.

He's just playing this the mindset way: bring all focus on the vision of success and keep whining to the bare minimum.

2. How does Trump feel about immigrants?

EMPRESS: Somehow, his public image doesn't seem to align to what really seems to be going on inside him. I don't think he actually dislikes immigrants--maybe not even the illegal ones that he keeps using as an campaigning point. I'm beginning to think that's more a political ploy. His real take on the issue actually is overall well-being for the American people and himself too. He's not disclosing this, but I think he favours immigrants and maintains a different public image to keep supporters happy. I actually think he sees immigrants as a vital part of the refreshing energy and diversity that has kept America going in recent times.

Inspiration to draw ends. Interesting #2 though. How do you feel about it?