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The Lazy Man

Somewhere in the Bible, being infected with social codes posing as spiritual necessity, are a few passages about the "lazy man" that are less than complimentary.

Now, in the physical sense, I am a phenomenally lazy man--the God of Sloth is who I am. In fact, I am so lazy that even sloth is laborious.

Given the above, and knowledge of the fact that one limitless consciousness is the only reality, I began wondering why all this criticism of laziness in a book that literally says everything occurs according to your faith and that might/power are nothing compared to spirit...

Clearly, there are some social, political, missing and erroneous aspects to the Biblical texts: it is not a perfect exposition of truth but it surely contains those few important insights that point us in the right direction, i.e. inwards to consciousness and ourselves. In this context, the "lazy man" is one who refuses to think and seriously consider the possibility that the true cause of his experiences might be his very own nature. It is the hallmark of the "lazy man" to assign external causes to the great majority, if not all, of his life experience. The idea of an invisible or non-sensory power is an absurdity and delusion. The "lazy man" actually believes that hard work will produce the desired outcome failing to consider what might occur if he would work hard but without faith. The "lazy man" is always seeking to blame another for his apparent lot in life; the very suggestion that he could be the prime cause would result in an acerbic assault on the one making it. The "lazy man" is enslaved by the sensory evidence and the illusion of a world without, i.e. the illusion of separation.

Everything we experience is manifest effortlessly, automatically and instantaneously according to the structure of our consciousness. We can labour, strive, strain, struggle and suffer effortlessly when we occupy such states just as we could do the opposite effortlessly in corresponding states. Effort is an illusion of consciousness. Nothing is achieved through might or power (: effort, struggle, labour :) but all things exist as consciousness. Abide in the desired state and the rest follows automatically, immediately and effortlessly.

This "lazy man", if he should persist in such states of consciousness, shall not eat of the truth of his nature and therefore shall not see his infinite omnipresent power. Fortunately, none persist in such states forever or so completely as to be utterly lost eternally.

So that's what the bit about the lazy man not eating means. Yes, there are a few social ideas presented in the Bible but those are not genuine revelation--they are personal preferences posing as a divine truth.

A final word, let's not get uppity or smug about our self-realisation: every one of us gets into "lazy man" mode from time to time. It's just that those of us who are self-aware notice it and understand it better, which ensures we don't get stuck in it.

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