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Tarot Reading: Bernie Sanders 2020

Thought I'd do a few quick readings on the 2020 US Presidential Election. Let's start with Bernie Sanders and how we're going to--or not--"Feel The Bern".

1. How does Bernie actually feel about his candidacy?

BLAME: He's on the psychological back foot because he's still largely dependent on blaming someone, i.e. subtly giving the power to his opposition. whether its the wealthy or any form of establishment for the woes of the American people. I know that's pretty obvious from publicly available info but what must be made clear is that this is the inferior position in a win-lose scenario like an election. However, the goo news is that he does seem to be developing a greater focus on his desired end or his positive vision more than the negative. Let's hope, for his sake, that he veers towards that end of the stick more than its opposite.

He might not be expressing his feelings publicly or even be genuinely conscious of them but they're there. He must focus on the positive aspects of his vision a lot more than the illusory "powers that be" and keep the blame game to the bare minimum required.

2. How does Bernie feel about Trump?

CHAMPION and VICTORY: Interesting. I had to pull 2 cards on this one.

He sees himself and Trump as champions of different causes. However, he does seem to feel Trump could win yet again because he still hasn't got past the "shock" of the last election. Strangely enough, he still sees himself as a having a potential shot at victory nonetheless; whether that's just casual hopefulness or a facade remains to be seen. He would do well to take a leaf out of Trump's book: hold focus on the vision and stay positive in consciousness. Trump is aware of the power of the mind and, generally, uses it quite effectively.

3. How does Trump feel about Bernie?

FIRE DRAGON (BURN LOWER ENERGY): As I would expect, you need to follow both candidates intuitively to gauge the vibe behind the sensory facade, there seems to be no genuine hatred or ill-will in this. He does think that Bernie needs to be more positive and success oriented instead of being so obsessed with woe all the time. I would agree. :)

4. Will Bernie's vision actually lead to a better America?

KUTHUMI (CLOAK OF WISDOM): It is possible. However, this holds true only if applied from the point of view of the vision itself not the woes that inspired it. That's about the gist of it. No matter who it is, once you've defined the vision based on an experience, you've got to give the attention to the vision not the problem that inspired it.

You've got to allow peace with what-is but flow to the vision.

Here ends the draw. I think it's an okay reading especially for #1 and #3. Not too sure about #2 and #4. What do you think?