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Does Free Will Exist?

Free will exists only within the illusion of separation. It is not truly real. God is One.

Reality is a unified (: or interconnected :) field of limitless consciousness. All states of consciousness exist simultaneously in the present moment. You are, at the deepest and truest level, all things. There is only Self. You have utter freedom but not true free will. You are completely free because there is no real other. So great is this "freedom" that the concepts of freedom and bondage as we understand it are irrelevant.

Notwithstanding the above, we certainly seem to experience free will and choice on a moment-by-moment basis as we experience life. The first thing we must fully accept about our everyday reality as individuals is that the common notion of free will is based on the illusion of the individual. It is an aspect of the dual experience and therefore, although seemingly true, is not the fundamental truth of existence.

Your individuality is contingent on being able to perceive "another", yet both reside in your consciousness, i.e. the other is as much a part of you as your individuality is. Everything is interconnected. You are actually what you think you are and everything else also. If you've looked closely at your individual experience, you'll see that you've been changing through time and that means what you thought you once were no longer holds true. You cannot choose without be conscious of multiple options, i.e. you hold both your likes and dislikes in you. This is why it is so important to gently allow or accept your desire as a current, perhaps generally invisible, reality without invalidating or pushing against anything else.

For instance, I grew up being a die-hard meat eater and somewhat loathed vegetarian food, but today I hardly eat meat. In the moment where I accepted myself as a meat-eater, the vegetarian seemed like an oddity and something unnecessary--I simply couldn't understand how anybody could be that way. However, I proved myself wrong, and that's a goo thing, when I suddenly discovered I enjoyed vegetables far more than meat. It's all a matter of perspective and every single one of us has infinite potential in this regard.

So, it's pretty clear to me that I am both me and everything else. One consciousness with infinite levels or arrangements of consciousness. Fundamental existence, pure awareness or consciousness, simply exists without will, rationality or reason. It is absolute existence that knows only itself. The true nature of reality is infinite existence and this is valid for every finite reality but, being finite, might be difficult to experience more than a certain portion--and even this can be mind-boggling and freaky--of its potential at a given instant on a intimately individual level.

The sooner we can integrate our individual consciousness into the our True Self, which includes infinite "others", the faster and more dramatically we experience change with very minimal, if any, suffering.

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