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Brexit or not: it is one consciousness.

Usual caveat: readings are a snapshot of consciousness at the time and shift with consciousness. However, take readings seriously because they only include patterns of thought significant enough to make the reading but they're never etched in stone. So, let's begin.

Time frame for everything in this reading: clear evidence of manifestation in this direction within 9 months.

1. Brexit will lead to a more a universal and global world instead of the polarised, protectionist and potentially autocratic reality envisaged by some pundits.

2. The Commonwealth of the former British Empire ( :) not to worry, the Empire's staying in the past :) ) will become a functional vehicle for all sorts of exchange--not merely nostalgia--with all member countries. Interestingly, the Commonwealth will adhere to a lot the fundamental principles surrounding human well-being enshrined in the EU's constitution but not their standards/regulations barring most generally accepted things relating to life and limb etc. Obviously, the sub-continent, AU/NZ and Africa are going to be major players. Canada will too but somewhat gradually because they do maintain a more "distant" dominion status.

3. Latin America will be the new entrant on the UK's trade map. Hitherto UK ties with Latin America have been very, very minimal but that will change and quite radically. They will prefer to work with the less prominent countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Guatemala, El Salvador and the like. This will be benefit both parties but, relatively speaking, the Latin American countries will receive the greater benefit given their current socio-economic situation.

Yes, you're right: that expansive consciousness that led to a massive, global empire emerging out of a small country will revive itself but in a mutually beneficially way.

4. Weirdly enough, regardless of what happens to the EU, their broader ideals in terms individual liberty will permeate the post-Brexit world but with varying standards on many issues.

5. The US-UK relationship will be alright but not quite the awesome deal either party is expecting. Despite the similarities, the UK approach is not quite the same as America's on certain key issues. They'll never sell off the NHS for instance. Boris isn't joking about this.

6. English is already a global language but it will sink in and spread even more in countries that were hitherto a bit reluctant like Russia, the Caucasus, parts of the Orient (: not China they're already on the bandwagon :) and Latin America. Linguistic diversity will remain but English will be used for sheer convenience even more than it is now.

Okay, can't feel anything strongly anymore so that means I should stop.