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Brexit and B.J.: How Will It All Play Out?

First up: nothing in a reading is ever rigid because all realities exist and everything is in flux. So this reading is just what appears to be in the present moment.

Will B.J. execute the No-Deal Brexit on 31st October 2019?

We know that he, despite all opposition, is insisting that he will. I know it is a certain possibility among infinite others. It's not unrealistic, much like a 2nd Referendum or anything else, at all. But what do the cards say?

FREEDOM: The knowledge that all realities exist and that no single reality can truly preclude another. This is something that B.J., whether consciously or subconsciously, is aware of and all his "actions" flow from the impelling force of this knowledge. This card suggests that he is steadfastly focussed on exiting the EU because, although he might recognise the EU benefits, he is fully aware that the UK can, indeed, succeed very well outside the EU just as the EU can without the UK. In addition, he really is fed up with the political merry go-round that's Brexit and that's making him even more entrenched in his "Leave" position with or without a deal on 31st October.

Will the UK struggle in the short-term with a "No-Deal" Brexit?

Common sense suggests that it could. However, uncommon results are not acquired with common sense and everything changes so common sense is not the determining factor of uncommon success: uncommon sense is. But let's see which card I draw.

WATER DRAGON: Not necessarily. There may be some apparent challenges but if the UK plays it smart, i.e. stays in tune with its goal of success and goes with the flow, then yeah, they will sail on smoothly through new waters and uncharted territory onto success. However, they cannot afford to get bogged down by all the global sorrows (: they can help but leave it at that without getting dragged down by it :) and conflicts. That last one will be key: they cannot afford to get into the game of the military-industrial complex if they are to succeed in a No-Deal scenario.

Will the Commonwealth become a major factor in UK success after a "No-Deal" Brexit?

MARY MAGDALENE: Hmm...interesting. Not sure exactly what I'd make of it. It might be that the UK has something to share with the world via the Commonwealth. I don't know. Mixed vibes on this one. However, I do think the Commonwealth will play a significant, if not a starring role, part in the post No-Deal UK. I think what the UK has to show the world is that it will succeed outside of the EU and I suppose the Commonwealth will be an aspect of that somehow but not in an imperialistic sense. The EU is not evil or anything but it's just to demonstrate that changes happen, nothing can be standardised eternally and also to show that one must not get too attached to any finite structure, whether it's the EU, the UK, the US or anything else.

That's all I feel like for now. Let's see how it rolls. All realities exist.

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