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2020: Trump, Bernie et al

Time for another intuitive take on the upcoming US election. I think my last take on the impeachment was okay even if slightly predictable. As always, readings are only snapshots of consciousness at the time of the reading and they can shift as our perspectives change. However, certain patterns that remain hidden but well established don't necessarily change too easily. So, let's get on with it.

Nobody's going for the establishment in 2020 whether Dems or Reps. Nearly the entire electorate is going to choose fresh perspectives, even if it seems a bit scary, instead of rehashing old hat. I'd say that's damn near a given.

The Republicans: The Reps have mostly only Trump to work with. Trump's real edge is his knowledge that consciousness determines reality and his non-establishment image.

1. Mitt Romney is going to make some impact on 2020. It's not clear if he'll run but he's going to seen and heard along with a few other "surprises" from the Republican side. Not all are going to stick to Trump "no matter what". Now, don't expect a political bloodbath or anything so dramatic: it's just going to be a more diverse set of perspectives on the Republican side.

2. Trump's almost certain to take a new approach, i.e. expect stuff that's counter-intuitive to the Trump image. I see him courting immigrants, blacks, Hispanics, Indians--the lot. It may be that he'll even approach countries he previously treated as "enemies" on much more equitable terms for trade. I'm thinking China and some Islamic states, perhaps even the EU and Russia. He will begin to highlight the importance of emerging markets, i.e. taking a leaf out the former British Empire's strategy of going where people haven't gone before instead of walking the well-trodden roads to expansion. It's not going to be an imperialistic approach but trade-based with the intent of growing US business potential without military clout. We should hear about this more and more over the next 2 months.

Basically, all the Republicans really have going for them is Trump. Romney could run but I think he's going to mostly be vocal about his views on how the next POTUS should operate.

The Dems: They've got a whole slew of new kids on the block and, despite the seeming confusion, it's exactly what they need. They're an exciting new party now. We should give Trump some credit for this: his being anti-establishment and all, plus the lack of political experience and polarised views have inspired this new lot on to the stage.

1. It's Bernie pretty much all the way for the Dems. Pete Buttigieg will give him a run for his money but in the end, Bernie will prevail. I'd also like to point out that it is time, in the cyclical sense of things, for the US to experience a very different point of view from it's take on capitalism and the "American way of life".

2. Yang will return but maybe as Vice President. It's not clear if he will restart his campaign for POTUS. Yang's not out altogether: still Yanging in there. Terrible pun sorta thing but it will do.

3. Hillary and Bloomberg will make headlines but are unlikely to get the vote. Like I've said, the fresh new faces are the one's who'll make the grade.

4. Biden's unlikely to make it and that will start to show. He's still too establishment and the more iffy voters will switch to Bernie or Pete, perhaps Yang if he starts up again.

5. Warren's a bit of an enigma for me: I can't say how she'll perform. She doesn't feel too strong in my psyche at the moment.

It's not going to be bitter or confusing any longer: the Dem nominees will shrink further in the next 30 days. I'd expect us to get down to the final 3. Most likely Bernie, Pete and Bloomberg. I don't think the others will stick around with the exception of Yang--not sure how he's going to make his mark but he will since he's not done.

If some of my ideas seem unlikely to you: it's possible that things change but always remember that an idea in my head is never mine alone. One consciousness it is and always will be.