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Tarot Readings--What Are They?

Tarot readings, a form of divination, are likely the most sought after occult service in world today. You've probably read tons of stuff about psychics, clairvoyants etc. Let's clarify exactly what a tarot reading is and how best to approach itor any other form of divination for that matter.

Reality is a unified and infinite field of consciousness. Everything is connected to everything else ad infinitum. Our circumstances are directly enmeshed with our consciousness. In short, everything in our experience is an aspect of our consciousness. Conditions, including tarot readings, are like a mirror that reflect the "face" of your consciousness, i.e. your self-concept. This is the basis of all divination.

The cards selected in a tarot reading are reflections of the patterns of consciousness at work relative to the question or topic in focus. Divination is not as valuable as true clairvoyance, which is the ability see the inner cause of outer conditions. However, in some situations, certain hidden/neglected patterns of consciousness are more easily seen using a tarot reading.

It is important to realise that tarot readings are like snapshots of consciousness at the time of the reading. They change with a change in consciousness. This is one reason I don't insist on readings and generally discourage frequent readings. We should use them only when we think the factors involved are relatively stable and less than obvious.

Yup, that's it. That's how all divination works. You could dress it up all fancy but that's about it.

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