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A Brexit Reading

Time for me to toss my less-than-adequate divination ability out there for all to see. Nope, not afraid: divination isn't the real driver of anything anyway but it does help see the patterns at work in the current state of consciousness.

So...here we go!

1. Is Brexit goo for the UK?

DISCIPLINE: There is a certain, possibly stereotypical, perspective that the Brits are a rather focussed and determined lot. In that sense this card is relevant. I personally see them as the sort who believe they can achieve what they focus on persistently. So, yes, it could work if they stay on point and remain persistent in their focus on post-Brexit success.

2. Is Brexit goo for the EU?

HANAEL (CHAMPION): Hmm...feeling a bit iffy on this one. I think the EU sees themselves as having the upper hand at the moment. They possibly see themselves as fighting a righteous battle, perhaps a champion of the cause of the "brotherhood of man". Still this card didn't vibe with degree of certainty I like and I think this is more about what they would like to be than what they actually are. Not clear.

3. Is Brexit goo for the rest of the world?

FIRE AND WATER DRAGON: Interesting one this. I suppose it fits in with the way I see things right now. For the rest of the planet, it's about just going with the flow, adapting, keeping their individual/collective focus in perspective, and just getting on with it basically. A play it by ear and don't take it too seriously card. I think this applies.

4. What about Theresa May?

MOTHER MARY (LOVE AND PEACE): A bit of a surprise, although not shocking, this one. Being a vicar's child, I suppose she does have a religious background that plays into her psyche to a certain extent. She certainly preferred to leave the EU on relatively positive terms, i.e. with a mutually beneficial deal. Perhaps that's what the love and peace is about. I think she may actually prefer love and peace to be honest despite what public knowledge might suggest. Then again, who doesn't?

That's all I felt inspired to draw. Seems alright but not particularly clear IMO. I suppose it should be that way because this is One Infinite Consciousness where nothing is truly as it seems and everything is in flux.

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