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The 6 Practices

It is very easy to get lost in manifesting "techniques" and neglect the truth on which they are founded. There's a ton of information on deliberate creation out there and, while it's all valid in it's own way, we can easily get swamped to the point that we can't see the forest for the trees. Perhaps this post will help remedy that...

I've distilled my entire approach to a very simple and repeatable set of 6 practices.


Meditation can be active (see #2) or passive. Passive meditation is the one you're most likely familiar with, i.e. sit/lie down, eyes open/closed but usually closed, focus on breathing or point on body (: like the symbolic "3rd Eye" point :), and watch thoughts and feelings come and go.

Do this for at least 30 minutes per day. Ideally, before you get out of bed in the morning and as you doze off to sleep. Do it as often as you can, for as long as you can. Make full use of any waiting time or commuting time to meditate.

Avoid getting stuck in analysing thoughts and allow insight to present itself to you whenever it does. If your focus wanders, then gently bring it back to the focal point.

Some people like to focus on a candle flame if they're doing the "eyes open" version, so you can try that if you like. I personally use only breathing or a focal point on the body.


This is also called mindfulness or present-moment awareness. This is to be practiced continually, sleep excepted.

It is a form of "eyes open" meditation except that you are going about life as usual. The only difference is that you remain a touch detached as the Observer of your experience while simultaneously being the experience itself. You allow sensations like thought/feeling/action to occur with minimal judgement and emotional conflict and yet remain aware that you are experiencing whatever it appears to be--and it is only an appearance--that you are experiencing.

The other, less generic, type of active meditation would be any activity that gets you "in the zone" or puts you in that feeling of flow. Different things for different people in this case: exercise and sports, artistic work of all kinds, reading, socialising and partying (: although I'd be a bit cautious when it comes to getting hammered :), shagging--yes, fucking in all its variations, being with family etc. Whatever works. THE FEELING IS THE SECRET when it comes to being in the zone.


Practice recognising whatever you have that is working well for you.

Begin with you: you are the first thing you must acknowledge in a positive, but not grandiose, manner because without you, 0% of your experience--both the goo and the bad--would exist.

Then move on to the more material aspects of your experience. A mental or physical list will do; no need to jump and down with joy or milk high vibrations.

Do this 1-2 minutes per hour; especially before you get out of bed and as you are dozing of to sleep.


The essence of any experience is feeling or emotion. No matter how goo or bad anything seems, the real essence is the feeling. Ultimately, that is what any form boils down to--a feeling. FEELING IS INDEED THE SECRET.

Learn to place emotional well-being as your top priority without clinging to emotions like "Wow!" or "Woe!".

I'd say focus on staying in the zone of calm or slight happiness using whatever works.


The imagination is the extremely useful and potent (: subject to feeling :) bedfellow of consciousness. The flow of consciousness is from the invisible to the visible and when we try to do it the other way around we run into limiting situations that typically cause pain until we shift our consciousness into the truth of reality.

Construct a post-success scene for some seemingly long-term and big goal, and repeat that in your imagination--as long as there is no emotional strain--until you are bored stiff or satisfied to the point that you don't really care anymore. The specific imagery you use is not too important because it can turn out even better than you imagined. It's about the feeling of success and fulfillment. Again, THE FEELING IS THE SECRET.


This is related to #4 but with a stronger emphasis on the consciousness of physical activity. Since many people have action-bias in their structure of reality, it helps to direct your attention and action in generally beneficial directions.

It helps to build the mind-body connection with the feeling of relief or fulfillment. It helps burn out that itch to "do something" pretty quick; even if it just exhausts you into surrender through failure.

It is very helpful to have a few different areas that you like focussing on just because it is pleasant to do so, i.e. without any pressure to perform or achieve.

So, that's about it. That's everything I do for myself on a daily basis.

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