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Get Your Ex Back

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

This is the most common motive for seeking out spiritual and occult assistance online. Every spell casting website I know offers a bunch of romantically inclined services. Even Facebook groups and online forums dealing with the occult or the Law of Attraction have a disproportionate number of posts related to influencing a specific individual.

So, what is my opinion of attempting to influence another using spiritual methods like love spells and black magic? You can't. You can only influence yourself.

Now, here's the great bit: there is only Self.

What you experience at any given point is an aspect of your own consciousness. There are no real others. You experience your state of mind, or self-concept, without exception. Authentically alter your self-concept and the seemingly external world will automatically rearrange itself in perfect correspondence to the change in your consciousness.

I'm not going to get into the spiritual principles involved right now. I'll tell you what you should be doing instead...


How? Try the following...

1. Meditate Daily. I recommend a 30-minute minimum. Ideally, do this before you get out of bed in the morning and as you doze off at night.

Do this for you, i.e. for emotional stability and self-knowledge, not for the goal. The more you do it, the better it is for you. Research various meditation tools and techniques to find something that works for you.

2. Be Present. Practice mindfulness in the moment while going about your life as usual. Just take a step back in your consciousness and detach a little. Be the observer of your experience. Be aware of your experience without getting all tied up in knots by it. It takes practice at first but it's easily done.

3. Lightly Appreciate. Recognise what you have going for you. Make a mental or physical note of the goo stuff, without striving for a "high vibe" or "delicious feelings". I'd say do this for 1-2 minutes every hour and, ideally, before getting out of bed and as you go to sleep.

4. Do Pleasantly Interesting Things. Invest your focus in other things that are interesting and pleasing to you. Again, do this for you instead of using it as a means to get your ex back.

The more you place yourself in the zone of emotional well-being, the better your experience in all areas of life. Avoid striving for "Wow!" experiences and focus more on peace of mind, calm or slightly happy feelings. Peaks and troughs are illusory and cannot be sustained.

Yes, persistently and habitually abiding in the wholeness that you actually are will automatically increase the likelihood of your ex (: or someone way more pleasing :) returning in the smoothest way possible. However, do the above for you and not for your ex or anyone else.

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