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So...why does this page even exist?

All help is self-help. Your help, as the Bible suggests, comes from "God" who made heaven and earth. Although I, or anybody else, might seem to be helping you as far as your senses are concerned: YOUR TRUE HELP IS YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS.

God is simply undifferentiated consciousness. The everything that appears to be nothing.

Getting down to specifics in the context of this site and what I do:

If you order love spells or any other ritual from me, you must help yourself by transferring the burden to me. I understand that a total detachment from your situation at short notice might be challenging, but do your best to spend more time focussing on other aspects of your life as much as possible. You should also follow the instructions I give you post-casting. To encourage you further: the ritual work and your very own nature will assist you in your detachment from the seeming problem.

Even if you've decided to go with another ritual worker, the above is still the way to go.

Finally, if you'd like to explore things further on your own (: a most laudable and necessary choice :) then please (!) consider the following:

  • Seek The Truth and observe the changing truths. Know Thyself and thou shalt know the true nature of all things.

  • Establish a daily meditative practice. You could use meditative aids like binaural beats (: I do :) but only in addition to the organic, unaided meditation.

  • Read up on the power of the mind and the Law Of Attraction. I strongly recommend beginning with The Secret Trilogy (Rhonda Byrne), all of Neville Goddard's work and a ton of Abraham-Hicks material which. Focus more on the persistent, repeating ideas instead of specific techniques to manifest things although fiddling with those techniques may also be helpful. Later, you could move on to concepts of Oneness/True Self covered by people like Mooji and Nisargadatta Maharaj.

  • Engage in more positive feeling imagination and activity to the extent you can. However, don't try to cling to or chase happiness (: especially not that "Wow!" feeling :) that usually causes a cycle of up's and down's.

  • If you feel comfortable with the idea, select a relatively simple magical text/grimoire and work with it frequently. Alternatively, if you prefer a more mainstream practice, you could consider a religion but seek to know the true, i.e. esoteric, meaning of the texts and the traditions. You may discover that the essential principles of most, if not all, religions are the same and only allegory coupled with following literal interpretations of others blinds you to them.

  • Accept yourself without reservation. Avoid self deprecation or aggrandisement and obsession with other people's opinions.