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Apr 2

Welcome to the Forum!


Edited: Apr 7

It’s good to have you here! Feel free to discuss anything related to spirituality whether it be classic occultism, New Age, New Thought or traditional religions. I would also welcome posts on the paranormal, the bizarre, the odd and the generally inexplicable. This reality is nothing like what it seems to be.


I don't really have rigid rules and you don't have to be politically correct or socially graceful. However, I will delete any post that I feel like deleting and will let you know why.


One restriction that I currently cannot escape from is the data size: there's a size limit on this site and I will act to stay within that. Please post only when you really have something to contribute and, even then, only succinctly. I might have to delete perfectly acceptable threads simply to manage size. Please bear with me: I expect unlimited capacity soon!