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​​1. Is there any truth to this mumbo jumbo?

A. Yes. All magical methods are built on the fact that consciousness is the only reality. Therefore, a shift in consciousness will produce a corresponding shift in conditions. Rituals are very potent tools to transform consciousness.


2. What's the difference between magic and the Law Of Attraction?

A. Magic works in harmony with The Great Law a.k.a. The Law of Attraction under Grace (your True self). It is an application of the Law of Attraction using specific methods which allow the operator, i.e. the magician, effectively align with the desired outcome.

3. Why bother with ordering spells if the Law of Attraction is enough?

A. There's no real need because, ultimately, YOU ARE THE MAGIC regardless of how you've been working your mojo so far. You need spiritual assistance from others only if:

  • You can't handle your situation independently due to your attachment to it.

  • You have personal blocks to doing your own rituals or studying about Universal Laws.


In the final analysis, you should manage your own consciousness. Crutches like me, or even ritual systems themselves, should be a liberating (not limiting) service to you. Read more about what you can do on your own here.

4. What about "Karma" and messing with others' freewill?

A. Karma and the Law Of Attraction are identical. Karma means that your experiences correspond perfectly to your perspective. If you want to sustain a different experience of life then you need to allow a corresponding shift in perspective. Ritual work or magic spells, although not essential, are extremely potent in allowing this perceptual shift that leads to a change in experience. Please also note that the Karma operates within Grace.

As for freewill and others:

  1. Others, and even our own persona, are relative not absolute. They are aspects of our True Self. There is One Consciousness with infinite aspects or levels of consciousness.

  2. Freedom and bondage are illusions of duality. Granted, we do experience it as if there is real choice but we are actually neither bound nor free. In fact, we are so totally free in the Infinite Unity of our True Self that concepts of freedom and bondage as understood by the dual mind are irrelevant.

  3. We cannot change anybody or anything other than ourselves. We alter our own consciousness and therefore our experience. It may appear as if we are controlling others but we do not--we merely adjust our temporal focus/vibration and the rest, i.e. conditions, follow in perfect correspondence. As the kid in the Matrix (the spoon bending scene) suggests: it is not the spoon that bends but our state of mind that shifts.

Don't be bothered if you can't fully accept the above because it is most easily perceived through direct revelation from God/Source/True Self. It is the Highest Self-Knowledge. In the Bible, Galatians 3:28-29 attempts to describe it:


"There is neither Jew nor Greekthere is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."

5. How do you tackle spells that involve people other than your client in the outcome?

A. I do this by formulating a positive outcome and expressing it symbolically via the ritual.


For instance, let's say a client desires a love spell to "compel" someone into a relationship: I would then formulate a positive outcome like "X and Y are in a pleasant long-term relationship" and then align with the essence of this experience via the love spell.

I avoid karmic complications by going straight for the core intent of the working and letting my Higher Self take care of the rest.

The idea is not about making someone else bow to the client's will, but about allowing myself to be a conduit for the client's alignment with the desired experience. This works through the Unity of all things, i.e. "The Miracle of the One Thing" that is mentioned in the Emerald Tablet.

6. Are results guaranteed?

A. It is hard to provide watertight guarantees in the dual experience. Even the most common, everyday events are not rigidly guaranteed in the dual experience.


However, I will say this: the desired outcome is a 100% fully self-sustaining reality right here and now.  All realities exist simultaneously and non-existence is a relative truth that is an actual impossibility.

Obviously, the tricky bit is that this is also true of outcomes other than those specified. The ritual works by first enabling the client to detach from obsessing over the situation and thus allow the flow of life to permit him the experience he desires. In general, this leads to the desired outcome.

7. How long should I wait for the desired outcome and is there anything I should do?

A. The time frame for you to experience your desired outcome and the precise sequence of events are impossible for me to predict. I could, somewhat casually, divine an estimated time frame but even this could change at any point. Strictly speaking, everything exists here and now as a full-blown reality but how one transits from one relative reality to another is nigh impossible for me to gauge.

There are a few things I would ask you to do after I complete your ritual working. We will discuss these things at that time. The essence of everything I will ever ask of you will be to detach from, i.e. turn your focus away from, your desired outcome and focus on your emotional well-being for its own sake. I've covered some of this here.

8. Why can't you send me a physical ritual artifact?

A. Three reasons:

  1. In general, ritual artifacts should be a private matter. Snail mail isn't always that private.

  2. Reliable international snail mail costs USD 20 or more for a single page document where I live.

  3. Although a physical ritual artifact can be a nice thing for the client to have, it isn't really essential because there are other ways to handle this. The spiritual is the true nature of reality not the apparent physical. Hence the wisdom of John 7:24 which says "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement".

9. Why do you place restrictions on clients ordering spells more than once?

A. I do it right the first time and requests for recasts are the result of undue attachment to the desired outcome. I will not entertain or encourage recasts for the same objective. Please remember that rituals do not actually create--nothing does--they merely align to something that is already in existence but temporarily imperceptible.

10. What is your success rate?

A. No business track record yet. I've had massive success with work I've done for myself and a few others. Nearly 100% success. The exceptions were a couple of cases where I got too attached to my situation and stalled the full manifestation. Some highlights of my personal successes:

  • Moving from South Asia to Europe within 2 years of deciding to do so.

  • Back when I was working with unpleasant energy, I managed to screw some people over quite well. However, I no longer work with this perspective because it tends to sour everything regardless of so-called "success". Ultimately, others only seem to be and we only ever affect ourselves for the so-called goo and bad.

  • Got a job out of "nowhere" with a 75% pay raise without any negotiations. I'm talking 75% on top of a base that was already a 6-figure USD income.

  • "Healed" a friend of terminal illness within 6 months.

  • Indirectly changing or bypassing laws, red-tape etc.

  • Travelling to over 25 countries.

  • Retiring before I turned 40. I lead a simple, peaceful, comfortable and solitary life.

  • Others have obtained better financial, health and relationship situations.

11. Are your rituals black magic and can they harm me if order them?

A. They are neither black nor white. The rituals are symbolic alignment with the desired outcome. If you insist, you could call the work I do "Grey Magic" because it aligns to the defined outcome itself and leaves the path to Infinite Wisdom. I always define outcomes in positive terms so you'll be fine as far as the spell is concerned.

12. Why are your ritual artifacts, i.e. sigils and seals, sloppy?

A. They are deliberately designed to symbolise true reality which is limitless and does not conform to our pseudo-perfectionism that, foolishly, insists on fixed structures especially of the symmetrical and linear kind. Order in the chaos and chaos in the order. Yet, in the realm of duality, all finite experiences conform to the Law of Attraction.